Dr. Indraneel Mukhopadhyay Honoured With Teaching Excellence Awards 2019
03 December, 2019

People who succeed in life have a lot of positive momentum. Success is the result of preparation and hard work and one such story is of Dr. Indraneel Mukhopadhyay who has been honoured with Teaching Excellence Awards 2019 (TEA - 2019) as Excellent Teacher. TEA - 2019 was an effort of MT Research and Educational Services (MTRES) in association with Buzzingg and Upalabdhiyan to recsognition the best teachers for their special contribution in respective domain.

Dr. Indraneel Mukhopadhyay was honoured with MTRES Teaching Excellence Award 2019

Dr. Mukhopadhyay completed schooling in 1995 and later Bachelor of Engineering and Masters of Science from Amravati University and Clark University, USA respectively. He was also facilitated with Deans Award for outstanding academic achievement at the graduate level. Later on he pursued Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering from Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad University of Technology on Network Security in Business Application.

Dr. Mukhopadhyay being an educationist faced multifarious challenges as the field was full of strife. But due to the pragmatic environment at IEM, he made sure how to vanquish over these challenges. He feels that he has been through a gladden journey in the education industry.

He always wanted to help the students to become something more. His passion is what made him do more for the future of our world. He made sure that the way of drilling and making a student well equipped is to create an equilibrium between theoretical and practical knowledge. The institution he works in makes sure to provide the students with an atmosphere suitable to them. Thus, dynamic learning method is convenient as it helps the students to ingress teaching resources.

Dr. Indraneel Mukhopadhyay delivering a workshop in IEEE UEMCON 2016 held at Columbia University, New York, USA

Dr. Indraneel Mukhopadhyay was felicitated during IEEE CCWC 2017 held at Las Vegas, USA

Dr. Indraneel Mukhopadhyay presenting in workshop on Raspberry Pi in IEEE IEMCON 2015 held at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

He has been through many accomplishments over his career some of which are

He is active member of Chartered Management Institute, UK, Calcutta Management Association (CMA), Indian Society for Technical Education  (ISTE) and Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). He has been giving out over 20 years of extensive experience in all the aspects of teaching and general administration in leading educational institutions. He is proficient enough to provide an educational atmosphere where students have the opportunity to fulfil their potential for intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical growth. He has been through the stages from senior lecturer to assistant professor at National Institute of Science and Technology Orissa, and assistant professor to associate professor to professor at Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata. He is certified CMI Level 5 Manager in Management and Leadership 2019, certified mentor and certified entrepreneurship educator.

The journey that he has been through, meeting people from all walks of life and learning from them, has been his biggest achievement. He has many articles ad patents to his name. He has been under many government and DST projects also. He has attended seminars, workshops and many conferences and has conducted short term courses, conferences and many summer schools also.

Someone who has had impressive success in planning, organising and directing comprehensive educational programmes along with efficiency in sourcing and retaining talents, imparting continuous training and career development through academic and industry research, we should learn from him and get inspired. From Dr. Indraneel Mukhopadhyay we can learn that we should stay focused and look for opportunities to help others and create a better society.

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