Dr. Natika Poddar Honoured With Teaching Excellence Awards 2018
03 April, 2019

An award is something given to a person in recognition of his excellence in a certain field. Teaching Excellence Awards 2018 (TEA - 2018) was an effort of MT Research and Educational Services (MTRES) in association with Buzzingg and Indian Achievers Story to recognition the best teachers (Nation Builders) for their special contribution in respective domain. Meet one of the awardees, Dr. Natika Poddar, who has been honoured with TEA-2018 as Excellent Teacher.

Dr. Natika Poddar was honoured with MTRES Teaching Excellence Award 2018

Not everyone is bestowed upon by god, inherited skills which confer them on being a born multi-faceted genius. Such is one story of Dr. Natika Poddar who has shaped her career so affluently and brilliantly that she has become a sensation in this highly coveted young generation. But to reach the zenith and more to be achieved right now, it was a tremendously long journey of ups and downs, of failures and rejections and now as we stand here today to honour Dr. Natika we feel immensely proud to share her guide to success for the upcoming generation.

Born in the year 1981 and being a mere 37 years of age, she has been able to acquire the position of Associate Professor in St Francis Institute of Management and Research. She has a specialization in Finance and has been serving this institute for more than 10 years now whereas she joined in the year 2008 and this was the time her career graph shot up unexpectedly. She joined as a lecturer to be promoted as a senior lecturer in a span of a couple of years and again recognising the feat of this young lady she was made assistant professor of the finance department moving up the ladder and now an associate professor in the said department.

1. Dr. Natika Poddar was honoured with Distinguished Teacher Award 2017 - Management and 2. Dr. Natika Poddar was honoured with Research Excellence Award 2017

She has completedher M. Com, M. PHIL, MBA (Finance), PGDFM, CPCM, DTM, Ph.D. Her area of interest being financial accounting, advanced financial management, corporate accounting etc. She is a co-author of six books in area of finance and management. In addition to this she has also attended many FDP and MDP in areas of soft skills, general management and finance. She has also conducted training programmes on soft skills for professional bodies. She has published and presented more than 20 papers at highly reputed indexed journals at national and international excellence. She is an achieverof innumerable awards namely Teaching Excellence, Research Excellence, Best Research Faculty and many more from highly reported and recognised Institutions.

She has been appointed as the Vice-chancellor Nominee by University of Mumbai as a subject expert for the appointment of director’s post. But that isn’t the end of all her achievements in such a short duration of her lifetime, she has been a constant performer with respect to teaching feedback in all courses above 4 on 5-point scale from past 10 years.

1. Dr. Natika Poddar was honoured with Distinguished Professor Award 2017 and 2. Dr. Natika Poddar was honoured with Best Professor in Finance Management Award 2016

We cannot imagine someone’s hard work for the position they occupy today. A teacher is one of the most difficult profession in contemporary times because with changing student ideologies and generation advancements, the approach of a teacher towards his/her students also has to come up with modifications and that has been very intricately followed by Dr. Natika who has been refining and polishing her skills with the fast paced upcoming generations.

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