Dr. Govind Singh Bhardwaj Honoured With Research Excellence Awards 2017
02 April, 2019

An award is something given to a person in recognition of his excellence in a certain field. Research Excellence Awards (REA) was an effort of MT Research and Educational Services (MTRES) to recognition the research excellence and contribution of Editors, Reviewers and Authors in respective domain. Research Excellence Awards had been conferred in three categories: Editor of the Year, Reviewer of the Year and Author of the Year. After preliminary screen and carefully reviewing the nomination, total 21 academicians had been selected for Research Excellence Awards 2017.  Meet one of the awardees, Dr. Govind Singh Bhardwaj, who has been honoured with REA-2017.

Many people come and leave but some are really worth remembering. Their gigantic works in their area of discipline makes us go totally taken aback as to how can a person this age achieve such leaps in a small course of time. This is why; we bring, before you, the success story of Dr. Govind Singh Bhardwaj who has realistically proven that nothing is impossible if you give it your all.

He is a retired professor from the Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology whose area of specialization is Applied Engineering Geology and Geo-technology. Born in 1957, he lived a difficult life from his early childhood that prepared him to reach to the place he is now at. A clear goal in mind for his contribution in developing earthquake and landslides early warning global system and with a pinch of resilience in his heart, he broke through all barriers now to be awarded for the Research Excellence Award 2017.

He completed his matriculation and higher secondary examinations from Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education and went on further for the undergraduate degree in Geology from Udaipur University. In 1983, he completed M.Sc. Technology in Applied Geology where he managed to gain the second position in the whole of Rajasthan. He awarded Rajasthan University Departmental Research Fellowship in earth science discipline, UGC Research Fellowship, Research Fellowship from Ministry of Environment and Forest Man and Biosphere Division New Delhi and contributed a lot for precambrian geology as well to the location and citing industry in Udaipur Aravalli Basin.  His contribution awarded excellence at national level at all level. Nonetheless, he also finished Ph.D. in the subject of geological environment of formation of alumino-silicate mineralization of Udaipur in 2003 and discovered world’s largest low grade alumina silicate paleo-sol mineral deposit at the base of aravalli sedimentation.

He has also published / presented more than 350 publications in reputed national / international journals/ magazines / youtube / lectures / speeches delivered as a speaker / resource person /   radio talks on scientific topics for common man/ TV Channels live bites and panel discussions/ explanations regarding earthquake and landslides disasters during calamities, for the society. He have been active at different platforms / forum like UCCI- Skill Up-gradation Training Program SIDA, Sweden and NIRM, Karnataka, Round Table Discussion on “Skill Development & Education in Mining by the International Centre of Excellence in Mining Safety and Automation with multinational academic partners, GOI, Gujarat & Australian Institutes. He is presently working on development of earthquake and landslides early warning online system. His YouTube channel “Geo-explore- Unearth the Earth Mine” is dedicated for educating the society. His popular book Dimensional Stone Technology and Mining Geology Laboratory Manual Book, are first ever books in the country. Most downloaded e-Book chapter on the aspect “Geo-Social Aspects of Developments in Peri-Urban Regions” contributed in the famous book - Springer -Water Science and Technology Library 71, is a new concept explaining geo-social dynamics of assimilation of rural-urban spatial fringe. Recently published book “Landslide monitoring by using Sensor and Wireless Techniques” by Lambert Germany, is standing five-star rating on Amazon.com. His students are employed globally, central and State Government, professors at IIT, NIT, Management Institutes and Universities.

He is active member of the several professional societies of international repute  including the Geological Society of India, the Mining Geological and Metallurgical Institute of India MGMI, Mining Engineers Association of India MEAI, Geoscientists Society of Rajasthan GSR, Member Society of Manufacturing Engineers SME (USA), SANDEE Nepal, High Powered Committee of SUST Sylhet Bangladesh etc. He is National Secretary of Geo-Scientists Society, National President of the Bhartiya Adhyapak Parishad Delhi, Sabhapati Sansad Rastriy Dharm Sansad, Mathura UP India, Scientists Expert Member District Level Environment Appraisal Authority Dungarpur Rajasthan, UGC Resource Person for Indian Universities Teachers Enhancements & Development at all levels.

His contribution in several international conferences proceedings held in number of countries representing all continents, mention may be made for the Turkey, Bangladesh, China, Japan, Netherlands where actively contributed, as a chairperson/ Keynote speaker/ Plenary speaker, Technical Session Chairman and authored authenticating his researches related to global early warning systems development are of high level concerned  globally & values for the societal cause.  Recently visited Europe including Netherlands, France, Belgium, as a Chairman of the events and a success in the feather to present his research before more than twenty countries scientists at the highest level globally.

His creative and innovative ideas and inputs of expertise are certainly a landmark contribution towards safe guard the mother earth and society, using different tools available in the field of Geo-science, Engineering Geology, and Geo-technology, GIS & Remote Sensing and Environmental Conservation. He has put forward a new concept of the Geo-Social Development and it has been appreciated by the international gathering during the international workshop organized in the field by Indian &  Australian Universities jointly. He has given his technical delivery with the objectivity for betterment, improvement, optimization of infrastructural developmental activities in sustainable way.

He is recipient of several awards at university level as a best teacher, awarded at national level as one of the best professors of the country including gold medal for outstanding works. A list of international awards is lengthy to mention, for his in-depth contributions.

By his sincere efforts, the Indian mineral industry benefitted as getting growth direction towards Geo-friendly Mining and further realized by productivity enhancement and improvement in quality of life by conservational and environmental protection in the field.  Also the civil engineering construction and environmental protection took a boost in the field of highways, four and six lanes road net working in hilly areas. His efforts in geo-technical assessment of existing and proposed road network in hilly areas of Aravalli Mountains are of immense value. Nothing more can be said about this extraordinary person who has been helping India grow day by day and as we are well aware of the Food Production Industry of India, we know that in the next coming years it may come down to a near standstill. This man with all of his might wants India to grow, develop and prosper.

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