Dr. Sheshang D. Degadwala Honoured With Research Excellence Awards 2019
01 September, 2019

Data mining, Algorithms, Image processing are some terms that we have been familiarised with given the huge growth in the Computer Science Industry. Growth and development in any industry is now virtually impossible without this industry and the people who strive to improve it constantly should be honoured. It is for this reason that Dr. Sheshang Dipakkumar Degadwala is the recipient of MTRES Research Excellence Awards 2019. He is currently working as Head of the Department and Associate Professor in Sigma Institute of Engineering, Bakrol, Vadodara, Gujarat where he started working in 2012. He possesses knowledge of multiple programming languages such as C, C++, C#.Net, VB.Net and many others. He has also taught subjects like Computer Algorithms, Data Mining and Data Warehousing, Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing among others.

1. Best Teacher Award 2018 from SEEE, 2. Best Faculty Award 2019 from IARE Awards and 3. Young Faculty Award 2019 from CEGR

Dr. Degadwala completed his B.E in Computer Science from Babaria Institute of Technology in 2011. He did his M.Tech in Computer Engineering from Chandubhai S Patel Institute of Technology in 2013. He passed both these courses in the First Class category. He then completed his Ph.D in Computer Engineering in 2018 from Madhav University. He has published a book titled, “Practical Handbook for Digital Image Processing using MATLAB”. His field of research interest is Image Processing, Data Mining and Algorithms. He has guided 60 UG level projects and 8 PG level projects. He has organised workshops “Latest Trends in Web Design” and “Python Programming”. He has also organised seminars on “Android” and “CCNA”.

 1. Young Researcher Award 2019 from ICCI and 2. Best Teacher Award 2019 from India Legend Award

Dr. Sheshang Dipakkumar Degadwala has received many awards in the past as well. He received the Best Paper Award from International Conference on Latest Innovations in Engineering, Science and Management, Kasetsart University, Bangkok in 2019. He was awarded the Best Researcher of Year Award at RACE 2019 Bangkok Awards. He received a gold medal in “Introduction to R”, NPTEL, 2018, was awarded the Best Teacher Award at Sigma Institute of Engineering in 2015 and 2016, the Excellence in Research Award 2017 by BITs Edu Campus, Vadodara, the Best Young Researcher National Award, IRDP Groups of Journals 2018, and the IARDO Award of Outstanding Doctoral Best Thesis - 2018, IARDO.

1. Young Researcher Award 2019 from CEGR and 2. Best HOD Of The Year Award 2019 from GER Awards

Among the multitude of awards that he has received,  he is also the Member of multiple Editorial Board of Journals such as International Journal of Expert in Arts, International Journal of Scientific Research in Engineering, International Journal of Research in Business & Management and International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology. He is the Member of Reviewer of Journals such as International Journal of Engineering & Technology, Internationational Journal of Expert in Arts, International Journal of Scientific Research in Engineering and International Journal of Research in Business & Management. He also has an astounding 73 International publications and 1 national publication. Dr. Sheshang Dipakkumar Degadwala is certainly an inspiring figure and  has done some brilliant work in a short span of time. May he continue to excel in his future endeavours as well.

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